Coffee shop serving CBd-infused beverages
in salem, wv

The Herb Offers CBD-Infused Coffee, Smoothies, and More

The Herb in Salem, WV, offers CBD-infused coffee, hot chocolate, smoothies, flavor shots, and more. We carry Strava Craft Coffee, including their signature roast, signature espresso, and CBD-infused coffee. Our menu includes, but is not limited to:
  • Lattes
  • Americanos
  • Frappes
  • Iced Lattes
  • CBD Coffee
  • Drip Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Frozen Hot Chocolate
  • Smoothies
  • Seasonal Flavors
  • Hemp Water
  • CBD Chill Shots (Lemonade or Mixed Berry)

Whether you need a morning pick-me-up, or are just craving the sweet flavor of a strawberry smoothie, The Herb is here for you. Stop by and try our sweet iced caramel latte, or call us at (304) 782-2228 to see what we have in-store. The Herb also carries ground coffee and CBD tinctures to add to your at-home brew.

What are the Benefits of CBD-Infused Coffee?

Whether you just enjoy the taste, or need it to make it through a shift, coffee is a staple in many lives. When adding CBD oil to coffee, it adds a variety of benefits to someone’s mental and physical health. One thing that draws coffee lovers to CBD-infused coffee is that it takes away the jittery feeling coffee brings. Instead of feeling overcome with anxiety and a wired feeling, the added CBD helps to give the same alert feeling with little to no jitters.

Adding CBD oil to coffee or other aspects of your diet does more than just decrease the chance of an afternoon crash. While CBD does not cure any ailments, it does aid in the treatment of epilepsy, migraines, depression, and many other psychological and physical illnesses.

Support Local Businesses with The Herb in Salem, WV

The Herb offers a wide range of delicious baked goods from various local bakeries and vendors in Salem, WV, and the surrounding areas. From cupcakes, to cookies, to pepperoni rolls, there is something for everyone. Help us continue to support local businesses by stopping by our coffee shop, or contact us to see what we have today.